13. Sorry Babe

13. Sorry Babe - Thomas Anders

/ Strong

Music: Sergey Revtov
Lyrics: Sergey Revtov / Arseniy Ardelyanu / David Burghardt

Mixed & Mastered by Vadim Losev
Recorded by RevtovMusic & Music Records Studio / Moscow, Russia
Produced by Vladimir Nichiporuk & Sergey Revtov

© 2010 Muzika Horochego Vkusa (Good Taste Music) 



Easy to dream
No one ever lies to you
Easy to fly
Never fall to Earth with you
Easy to love
Never feeling loneliness
And finding happiness
But you want no one else

Need you, baby
You drive me crazy
You make me feel alive

Sorry, babe
For my words
I don’t lie
Sorry, babe, 
But it hurts
You know why
Sorry, baby 
For you lie
But it’s true
Sorry, baby,
Please don’t cry
Love you

Sorry, babe
Tell me why
I don’t know
Sorry babe,
Easy come, easy go
Sorry baby, sorry baby, 
Sorry baby, sorry baby

Hard to give up
When you have dreams in your heart
Hard to give in
When you have love in your soul
Hard to survive
Never feeling justfied
And being sacrificed
You need someone in life

I need you baby
You drive me crazy
You make me feel alive