09. I'll Be Strong

09. I'll Be Strong - Thomas Anders

/ Strong

Music: Sergey Revtov
Lyrics: Sergey Revtov / Arseniy Ardelyanu

Mixed & Mastered by Vadim Losev
Recorded by RevtovMusic & Music Records Studio / Moscow, Russia
Produced by Vladimir Nichiporuk & Sergey Revtov

© 2010 Muzika Horochego Vkusa (Good Taste Music) 



I wanna leave
The fear behind
Run away
And don’t stop to fight

I wanna know the truth
That we’ll be always right

I will never look for
I will never look for
My way

Till the end of my days
I will find my own place
To stay

I’ll be strong
I’ll do it on my own


I wnna stop
This senseless run
Too many things
Have come undone
I wanna reach the sky
And try to much the sun

If the sun is dark
There are all the stars
To light your way

If the night is long
You can right on wrong
And start the day

I’ll be strong
I’ll do it on my own