06. Suddenly

06. Suddenly - Thomas Anders

/ Strong

Music: Sergey Revtov
Lyrics: Sergey Revtov / Arseniy Ardelyanu

Mixed & Mastered by Vadim Losev
Recorded by RevtovMusic & Music Records Studio / Moscow, Russia
Produced by Vladimir Nichiporuk & Sergey Revtov

© 2010 Muzika Horochego Vkusa (Good Taste Music) 



I will never look for a simple way
And I have to bare every single wave
I have nothing to deplore
Even nothing to look for
I need something never felt before

Shake me suddenly
Take a part of me
Make me feel
Something unreal

Make it suddenly
Oh, inside of me
Make me glow
Losing control


There is no other actor in my play
You cannot let me go or make me stay
'Cause I don't need all this stuff
Just a smile to gain your love
I'm a star both here and above


You may only watch
Have no right to touch
I am here, I am close
Like a thorny rose
You'll become insane
If I only say
What you want to do