04. Stop

04. Stop - Thomas Anders

/ Strong

Music: Sergey Revtov
Lyrics: Sergey Revtov / David Burghardt

Mixed & Mastered by Vadim Losev
Recorded by RevtovMusic & Music Records Studio / Moscow, Russia
Produced by Vladimir Nichiporuk & Sergey Revtov

© 2010 Muzika Horochego Vkusa (Good Taste Music) 



I don't wanna to lose you
Got too much confusion
Night, day, left, right.
Hey, I don't want your silence
Feeling all this violence
Tonight don't fight

Sweet soiree, night and day
Don't think twice

I don't wanna close my eyes
Never gonna play your lies 
So much my tears remember,
I, I just wanna let you know 
Never gonna let you go
This way my tears are sweet and cold 
Please hear me, lady, I'll miss your sweet Hello

Are gonna save me?
I don't wanna lose you... 
Don't break my life.

Sweet soiree, night and day 
Night, day... cry