02. Make You

02. Make You - Thomas Anders

/ Strong

Music: Sergey Revtov
Lyrics: Sergey Revtov / Arseniy Ardelyanu 

Mixed & Mastered by Vadim Losev
Recorded by RevtovMusic & Music Records Studio / Moscow, Russia
Produced by Vladimir Nichiporuk & Sergey Revtov

© 2010 Muzika Horochego Vkusa (Good Taste Music) 



Tonight, tonight you'll be
One of the best in the world for me
Baby, come closer stay by my side
Gimme your light which makes me so excited

You said you want me to
Spend all my time just in love with you
You say that I'm the one
Who's on your mind
Who's your light
But you said it so many times

So many times I was strong
But I'm still alone
You don't wanna catch me falling...

Falling in love with your soul
I'm losing control
So let me just hear you calling

I wanna make you, make you, make you
I wanna make you, make you mine
I wanna make you, make you, make you
I wanna make you mine sometimes...
So many times

Maybe we shall just dance
I wanna take your chance
My life was fake and gray
But today I just know there is a new way

What if I say the truth
What if Iask you to be mine, too
What if I love you, and you
You said you do.
But I don't think it's true