04. Will You Let Me Know?

04. Will You Let Me Know? - Thomas Anders

Music: Peter Wolf / Thomas Anders; Lyrics: Ina Wolf

© 1995 Polydor GmbH, Hamburg 523 865-2 (CD)
Petwolf Music / ASCAP, BMG Publ., Thomas Anders Music / Sony Music Publ., Kikiko Music / BMI; BMG Publ.



Gently I hold your hand
All I can think of is to take you in my arms
There's a full moon tonight
Girl, in your eyes the stars are shining twice as bright
This is for you
I'll wait if you show me how
Were it for me I'd kiss you now

Will you let me know
When the time is right
Will you give me a sign
I don't wanna mess this up,no
Will you let me know
When your heart is sure
You can trust in this love
What's it take to make you feel secure

I watch you across the room
Baby, sometimes the longong's more than I can stand
Wanting too much too fast
Is it wrong if we both know it's gonna last
This is for you
I'm playing the waiting game
'S long as I know you feel the same

You say it gets sweeter the longer the wait
You say for the real thing it's never too late
I'll do whatever you say
I won't let you ever, never ever get away